It's Heating Tune-Up Season – Are You Ready For It?

Heating Tune-UpOther people may refer to this time of year as autumn, but at Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning we refer to it as heating tune-up season. We hear a lot of comments like “It's too early in the season” or “It's not even chilly, yet.” The trick to success with your heating and cooling system is to make it a point to prep it for the hard work ahead.

If you want the best performance and to maximize the longevity, it is important to get proactive about preventative maintenance. Help keep your Riverside home comfortable and cozy, all winter long, by finding out what makes heating tune-up service so vital.

What Makes Heating Tune-up Service So Vital

Obviously, the main purpose of scheduling tune-up service for your heating system is to help ensure that it works properly, but there is much more to it than that.

A common mistake homeowners make is assuming their brand new furnace doesn't need tune-up work. What they fail to recognize is that this erroneous belief can end up causing them to forfeit their warranty coverage. If you neglect to stay up to date with the required maintenance guidelines put in place by the manufacturer of your heating system, you void the warranty, and repairs will be yours to cover financially.

Why put it off, especially with the holidays coming up? October is the start of autumn, and not a holiday in the month that costs a lot of money. Put it off until November, and it's more of a gamble, what with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Wait until December and you have the tune-up to pay for, as well as any repairs that may have been discovered, plus all of Christmas.

This is also the start of sickness season, the time of year when at least one member of your household seems to be sick, at any given time, from now until spring. Your furnace should be cleaned, to remove germs, and your home should be warm, helping to aid in better health for your loved ones. If nothing else, if someone in your home does fall ill, they should be able to rely on quality heat to keep them feeling better and aid in a speedy recovery time.

True Professional Help to the Rescue

Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning can provide you with the best results possible, for your heating system. We cannot stress enough the importance of the tune-up, and how much it can help you. Before cold weather moves in, make sure that your heating system is up to the test.

If you are looking for an heaqter tune-up in Riverside, then please call 951-788-0808 or complete our online request form.