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air conditioning Corona CAWhen homeowners throughout Corona, CA need air conditioner repairs and new heating installation, they call Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning first. Our dependable service and great products are second to none. Our experience Corona air conditioning and heating contractors can identify you personal needs, give you an honest and fair assessment, and efficiently prepare your home for oncoming summer and winter seasons.

Dependable Air Conditioning Repairs in Corona, CA

AC Units, ventilation systems and leaky homes are all problems that many homeowners in Corona never get around to fixing. And yet month after month they feel the irritating effects of cold rooms, drafty windows & doors, and high energy bills. Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning can quickly solve most of your air conditioner problems and get your unit running at peak performance. Wheneve r you need air conditioning repairs in Corona, CA, remember Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning is here for you.

Heating & Air Installation in Corona

New air conditioners and heating units run more efficiently and effectively than old units. They have more features which are suited to meet your family’s specific needs, too. You’ll notice the difference the minute you turn your new system on – and you’ll notice the difference in your utility bill! Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning can custom design your new air conditioner specifically for your family’s home. If you are interested in an estimate for air conditioning or heating installation in Corona, CA, please give us a call. We have a great selection of top rated units at equally great pricing.

Clean the Air in Your Home with Corona Indoor Air Quality Services

Face it. Your air is probably less than healthy. The average home suffers from Pet fumes, bacteria, mold allergens, contamination, and a number of other potential health hazards. Dirty air aggravates your allergies or asthma. Our solution? Try a humidifier or air cleaner in Corona from Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning and instantly notice the difference that a pure environment can make.

Air Cleaning Solutions For Your Home

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Humidifiers. Your home is filled with allergens from mold and dust mites. This can aggravate both allergies and asthmatic conditions. Humidifiers in Corona, CA replace dirty dry air in your home with clean, fresh breathable air. HEPA Air Cleaners. High Efficiency Particle Arresting cleaners trap unwanted particles in the air that stem from pet dander, bacteria, pollen and other materials. They contain a 3 stage filtration system that is guaranteed to clean the air.

Heat Ventilators. These are perfect for colder climates with an extended winter season. This unique system uses two blowers- one for blowing fresh air in and one for flushing stale air out.

To learn more about solutions and products geared toward improving indoor air quality in Corona, CA, call our air conditioning company. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning Systems have your family’s comfort in mind. We provide comprehensive heating and AC service in Corona that insures every room in your home is well cooled and heated. Our goal is to ensure that you’re A/C Unit is performing efficiently and effectively, giving you peace of mind and a warm bed! We solve problems, provide long-lasting maintenance & repair, and we install high quality HVAC equipment to manufacturer’s specifications.

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