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Whole-home air purifiers provide an excellent solution to poor indoor air quality in the home. By removing pollutants from the air circulating throughout your home, air purifiers can help you avoid triggering uncomfortable allergy symptoms or respiratory problems. These systems sanitize the air in your home or business, often using UV light, by removing any contaminants. Additional benefits of air purifiers are their silent operation and ability to improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Homeowners across Riverside , Riverside County , and the surrounding areas depend on Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning. We carry a wide selection of units in addition to heat ventilators and can take care of all your whole-house air purifier repair and installation needs. We offer a hassle-free service that you can depend on every time.

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The Difference Between Air Cleaners & Purifiers

​Although they sound and seem similar, and serve relatively the same purpose, air purifiers and cleaners are not quite the same. While an air purifier sanitizes the air, an air cleaner is built directly into your HVAC system, between the air return duct and furnace or conditioner, and contains a filter that eliminates harmful microscopic pollutants such as dirt, mold, dust, etc.

Air Pollution Hazards in California

A reduction in exposure to certain types of pollutants in the air can have a profound impact on your health, even decreasing your risk of heart disease. Though living and working in any kind of urban environment makes factory dust and vehicle fumes unavoidable, having these pollutants in the home can be a real problem. The irritation these particles cause can result in an increased heart rate and a wide variety of other potential health problems. Fortunately, air purifiers provide effective, efficient relief for a healthier family.

These systems are particularly useful in rooms in which:

  • There is a fireplace
  • There is a wood stove
  • There are windows open regularly throughout the day

Taking the time to choose a purification system that is suited to your needs and the size of your space is important to get the most out of your system.

Discover the Benefits of Air Purifiers in Riverside

The air inside our homes must be cleaner than the dirty, smog-filled air outside, right? Shockingly, the EPA estimates that the air within our homes can be two to five times dirtier! That’s why it’s vital you install a whole-home air purifier.

In addition to helping us eliminate dirt from the air, they carry many other benefits, including:

  • Reduced odors: Have you ever cooked something that left a foul odor permeating through your home? Or perhaps something was burnt on the stove? Your air purifier will be able to get rid of the unpleasant smell quickly and efficiently.
  • Cleaner homes and offices: Because air purifiers eradicate any dust within the air, the amount that ends up on your furniture or windowsills will be drastically reduced.
  • Safer homes and offices: Mold is extremely dangerous for anyone to breathe in, and the presence of it requires drastic measures to ensure it’s properly removed. Installing an air purifier is one way to eliminate the risk of it developing throughout your property.
  • Reduced spread of germs: If someone in your home or office has the flu or a cold, having a whole home air purifier will help. Any airborne germs will be removed from the air, severely lessening the chances you will catch what your family member or coworker has.
  • Reduced allergens: If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, an air purifier will cleanse your air of any triggers, including pet dander.
  • Rids smoke smell: If you live or work with any smokers, an air purifier can get rid of the smell of smoke, which makes your home or office’s air feel fresher.

Simply Clean, Fresh Air

In addition to their remarkable effectiveness, air purifiers are also quite low-maintenance. The V-Twin carbon element containing EverCarbon™ cells with antimicrobial nanotechnology is self-cleaning and never needs to be replaced. Our unit comes standard with a long-life UV-C lamp that is effective for 3 years.

Additionally, these systems can give your entire HVAC system’s energy efficiency a boost by ensuring that dust and dirt build-up are at a minimum. Clean HVAC systems are much more reliable and long-lasting, saving you hundreds in maintenance and repairs – not to mention monthly utilities!

Call us today at (855) 933-1460 if you’re interested in an air purification system. We never use high-pressure sales tactics.

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